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viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Artist Bernard Myburgh still not yet acquitted of child pornography charges Appeal Court verdict

David. Thanks for ever in name of children

Report from:

David CIA-P AU

Quote from paedophile supporter of "Art Bernard":
Thursday, January 10, 2013
Artist Bernard Myburgh still not yet acquitted of child pornography charges
Appeal Court verdict, Amsterdam, January 9, 2013

Yesterday, Bernard Myburgh let me know about the outcome of the Appeal Court case:
Hello there, the verdict: the Appeals Court has upheld the original verdict of the District Court. “Guilty of producing, possession of, and distribution of child pornography”. My paintings are considered to be too realistic for them not to be judged “child pornography”, and should therefore be destroyed. This judgment was not unexpected, although the sense of defeat is still enormous. We of course will appeal this decision and it will now go to the Supreme Court for their ruling. This could take up to a year or longer, but it will at least give the destruction of the paintings a stay of execution for that period. I thank you and all those that offered their support for my case. What more can be done..., Bernard.
 Child pornography

sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

From David CIA-P Au Hey Joshua! Guess what - WE WON!!!! The monster and convicted child pornographer Bernard Myburgh aka "Art Bernard" has QUIT!!!

Una batalla más que se gana en la guerra Internacional contra la pornografía infantil.
Thanks for all David!

From: David CIA-P Au
Date: 2012/12/14
Subject: A great victory - Art Bernard gone forever!!!
To: Joshua Duncan
Cc: ​

Hey Joshua! Guess what - WE WON!!!! 
The monster and convicted child pornographer Bernard Myburgh aka "Art Bernard" has QUIT!!! He has finally closed down his website. You can see for yourself here: I have closed my website, for ever. There are too many wicked and evil people who think that my artworks are sinful and nothing more than "child pornography'.

I turn my back on art and will not paint anymore. The internet is no longer a place to be free. Good bye. Well, that's good bye to "Art Bernard", and that just leaves "RinRin" and "BL-LIT" to go to prison. 

The paeodphile Bernard Myburgh still has to go to court over his appeal regarding the fact that his so-called "art" is indeed child pornography. Don't forget to update the BL-LIT blog too!! Regards, 

David CIA-P AU 

From: David CIA-P Au
Date: 2012/12/10
Subject: Art Bernard Blog deleted by Tumblr!
To: joshua Duncan

Hi Joshua!

It has been a while since we heard any news of this convicted child ​pornographer and paedophile Bernard Myburgh aka "Art Bernard". Well, on his main website he appeared to be complying with the Court Order

and creating and selling paintings and drawings depicting adults - men. However, it turns out he tried to be sneaky and set up a blog on the Tumblr network where he had not only posted the copies of the paintings ruled by a Dutch Court to be child pornography, but he also had REAL child pornography featuring real boys on his blog as well. He dared to add the message that the would "love to paint wings" on

the young boy being exploited in the photographs.

Needless to say, the blog was promptly reported to the Dutch Authorities as well as the NCMEC and the Friendly Runet Foundation. Today, this is all that greets the paeodphile painter Bernard Myburgh as well as all his "followers" and "friends" on Tumblr:

Not found.

We couldn't find the page you were looking for.

Also, the wonderful Russian paedophile "dragspapa" turned out to be another one who was distributing child pornography under the names of "Veron" and "Radio". As soon as it was revealed that "Veron" was in fact "dragspapa", then it was all over for him and he is now in the hands of Russian Law Enforcement.  It won't be long before the infamous BL-LIT has his day in Russian court as well, especially seeing as he is a close friend and associate of three other criminals well known for distributing child pornography - "Felixxx" aka "2", "agra" aka "Agraxxx" and "Venja". Russian Law Enforcement know all abouth these paeodphiles and criminals and their continued distribution of child pornography. With the new Russian Laws that have come into effect, it won't be long until all four of these criminals and child pornographers are in a Russian prison.


David CIA-P AU

PS> Please make certain that you update the BL-LIT blog with this latest news.

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Report by David CIA-P Au - BL-LIT admits defeated and beaten by CIA-P!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David CIA-P AU
Date: 2011/7/29
Subject: BL-LIT admits defeated and beaten by CIA-P!!!
To: Joshua
Cc: Joshua CIA-P

Hey Joshua,

It's official! The Russians an BL-LIT himself have fianlly admitted that he have beaten them and forced the closure of the site permanently!! It's really and truly over! You can see form their comments on the journal of BL-LIT here:
Russian to English translation:
Re: Whatever it was ...
 25/07/2011 18:36 (link)
 Food for Thought:

Re: Whatever it was ...
25/07/2011 19:08 (link)
Yes, they got their way: all the holes in the pressure cooker zakonopacheny. It only remains to wait for the result.
(Reply) (Parent)

 Re: Whatever it was ...
27/07/2011 13:56 (link)
Old senile, Joshua Hunter-boylover (, which brazenly uses a nickname, most likely read in Russian by Googl'a.
Therefore, the content bl-lit'a he is unavailable. And the fact that he took up arms and rinrin, - a sure sign of a damaged psyche.
Yes, and McBride - the famous photographer. For many years, his photographs were in a quiet Seti.Slava God, and still is: along with other photographers.
Our "pedofilolyuby" of both sexes from all sorts of "team" with one's innings started this whole betherd around the site, this time found himself not quite adequate ally.

viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Art Bernard website gone! Bite the dust, child porn element! By David AU

Date: 2011/2/3
Subject: Art Bernard website gone
To: Joshua
Cc: Joshua CIA-P

​Hey Joshua,
The website of paedophile and convicted child pornographer Bernard Myburgh aka "Art Bernard" is most definitely GONE! Since my last email, this has happened and take a look at his former website:
Now what you'll find is this:
Looks as if even his hosting company have had enough of him! 


Thanks dear Dav!

miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

The END of paedophile and child pornographer Bernard Myburgh!!



Will McBride and Bernard Myburgh 
From: David CIA-P Au.
Date: 2010/12/22
Subject: The END of paedophile and child pornographer Bernard Myburgh!!
To: Joshua 
Cc: Joshua CIA-P ç


Some really great news!! On 3rd December Bernard Myburgh and even his boyfriend were convicted in a Dutch Coutrt on child pornography charges!!
 Here's the story from his other paedophile friends:
These are just two paragraphs from the website above from the supporters of child pornographer and paedophile Bernard Myburgh aka "Art Bernard":
"The first verdict is out: Bernard's work, or at least some of it is considerend to be child porn. Even his lover is convicted with a suspended sentence, for not reporting his husband to the police."
"Mind you, this website and the db organisation has as goal to document and to support the queer minority culture for over 2 decades. That is why it is of utmost importance to document how tolerance in NL has been lost and severely deminished since the seventies. Not only through religious fanatic groups but also through politics and the justice system. To be able to paint an historic picture of this process it is of utmost importance that evidence of these processes will not be lost to future generations. So we strongly urge the safekeeping of the works of Bernard by ourselves or an independent archive for posterity, to enable a balanced judgement in the future."
As you well know, many of the "angels" were copied from real child pornography he downloaded from Usenet, and that he also specifically requested to be posted on usenet for him by paedophile "Clark" aka "Jimmy".
Their main page had this to say:
"Peeeehdooooh, the nitwits yell, and they prosecute one of our best naturalistic painters, my friend Bernard. His last trialsession was on december 3rd. The verdict came in today. Obviously the judges could not steer clear from the current media histeria. I wrote my 1st thoughts at the db editorial page. Of course we will appeal!"
You can read that and the news story here:
SO! Bernard Myburgh has been convicted of producing and distributing child pornography! That means that the "angel" images of Bernard Myburgh are now illegal and have been ruled so by a Dutch Court of Law!! Please make ceratin Google remove ALL images of "Art Bernard" or "Benrard Myburgh" from their search criteria. Hopefully the filthy paintings of mostly the boys from the "KDV" series of child pornography and the "FKK" series will be destroyed as they ought to be! They glorify and minimize the suffering the real boys in those painting had to endure at the merciless hands of commercial child pornographers and paedophiles!!!
There's also the interview and confession galleries of "Rinrin" confirming he is a paedophile and child pornographer:

Those idiots can appeal all they like, the days of paedophiles using art and an excuse for molesting children is coming to an end. Even the Japanese have banned "Lolikon" and "Shotakon"!! All these paedophiles including "Rinrin" , Will McBride,  Otto Lohmuller and "BL-LIT" seem to forget that ordinary decent people and the hard working man and women of Law Enforcement aren't gong to be fooled by their weak arguments that there's nothing wrong with images of naked chilren or having sex with them. This my dear friend, is the beginning of the end for these perverts....

The public need to know that whoever buys or has bought paintings and drawings by Bernard Myburgh may well be in possessiopn of child pornography as ruled by a Dutch Court of Law!! 



sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

España: Policía y Guardia Civil luchan en solitario. Pedofilia enquistada en las togas...

Stop child porn!
Blogger and Gmail, thanks, thanks for ever!!
Para volar, no se necesitan alas...
Amigos: se les aprecia eternamente!

"tengan cuidado con un hombre al que no lo dominan los placeres sensuales ni la elevación de posición social, es un enemigo peligroso y molesto, del que podrá conquistarse su cuerpo, a diferencia de su alma, que eternamente será intocable:.."
Joshua Hunter-boylover
Sólo un sueño, un mundo mejor para los niños...

Fenix-cry, Initiative: you have to do what needs to be done,
 your duty is to do well and that you do without nobody order!

jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Wiil McBride filth finally gone from internet!! BL.lit-info over!

From: Joshua AP.Org
Date: 2010/7/22
Subject: Re: Wiil McBride filth finally gone from internet!!
To: Dragon

2010/7/22 David
The *last* remnants of the child pornography from Will McBride that he called his "sex -edit-" have been totally eradicated and wiped off the internet!! The last paedophile to host these images was "Nebraskoa" and before him "BL-LIT". Every time "BL-LIT" hosted these disgusting images, his websites were shut down for child pornography!
However, this blog in Russia also attempted to host the full set of those  filthy images by Will McBride:
That page now just goes here:
That's right! Russian Law Enforcement made certain that the entire account was removed, not just the one page!! The same happenned to this person that tried to display some of Will McBride's child pornography on her blog at
"The page was not found!"

That's right!! All those images from Will McBride are like a disease of the internet, and anyone touching them and displaying instantly becomes a cild pornographer!! The hardest set to get of copies to get rid of were the full series being hosted on this server in Ecuador:
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

The entire website is gone!!! This should serve as a major warning to all those paedophiles and idiot "artists" seeking to get copies of those images. They are child pornography, and to possess them or host them will get you into serious trouble!! The images from that "sex education book" are *not* art, they are child pornography, and they include depictions of child sexual abuse. Don't beleive me? Check these following blogs here:
All of those blogs above had remote links to the images that were hosted on the server in Ecuador. Those filthy images are of course gone!!
This blog below in Russia has remote linked to one of the old websites of "BL-LIT" in order to display the child pornography from Will McBride. Of course, there's nothing there now, but that won't stop the idiot paedophiles from trying to find those images:
It's certainly great to know that the child sexual abuse images from Will McBride have been removed from the internet!! They are like maggot infested pieces of putrid meat, disease ridden and putrid! They are poison to whoever comes in contact with them. Good riddence!!